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Woodbridge Orchestral Society

Site updated on    6 Feb 2017

The orchestra meets on Monday evenings

seated for 7.30pm

at the Methodist Church

St John's Street   Woodbridge  IP12 1ED

Our 2016-17 season runs

from 5 September 2016 to 3 April 2017

Musical Director

 The orchestra’s  Director  and principal conductor  is  Christopher Robinson  who  accepted that  position in  2014.  

 Earlier directors have  included Roger Quilter,  Imogen  Holst, Bernard  Barrell, Andrew Fairley and  most  recently Neville  Reeder.  

 Notes on the orchestra’s  earlier period can be  found  under the above History  tab.

Joining us

 Players of all standards are   welcome without audition   subject to available places.   Present members range   from  RSM Grade 3 to full   professional  qualifications.

  The main requirement is   for members to attend   rehearsals regularly and to   play in the orchestra’s ‘at   home’ concerts.

  Contact details of the   Membership Secretary can   be found under the  above   Links  tab.

What we play

The orchestra’s repertoire is of classical music from across the sixteenth century to the present-day and ranging  in character from miniatures to full scale symphonic works.  

Authentic editions are used whenever possible; special musical arrangements are adopted occasionally to overcome the absence of a particular instrument.

Details of this year’s repertoire  can be found under the above Music  tab.    



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